Thank you for landing at Astrocentral. If you are a newcomer to astronomy you may find the Introduction and Star-Hopping pages worth an excursion.
For those visitors who are struggling to come to terms with the size of the universe around them, have a look at building a Model of the Solar System. This will make things a lot worse.
For those wishing to throw all caution to the wind there is a Time Machine. If you choose to use the time machine, we hope you visit Astrocentral again in the near past.
Speaking of the past, strap yourself in, take a deep breath and re-live the race to the moon at The Space Race.
(A new page has been added to this section de-bunking the Apollo Hoax.)
If you do not wish to leave planet earth, you may be interested to read about the People who Came Here From Outer Space. They live down your street.

The latest additions to Astrocentral

Solar Sails Setting sail for the stars.

Alien Life The search for life in outer space and where we should be looking.

Life on Mars Will we find evidence of life on Mars in the near future?

Astro Basics Some of the more commonly asked astronomy questions on stars, galaxies, meteors, comets and the moon.

The Astro news feature now has its own page.

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