Information about the planets in our solar system

Interplanetary Travel Information

Before selecting a planet for your trip we recommend that you click on the links below to find out more about your desired destination.

Also you may wish to take a quick look at the latest weather warnings to find out what freaky weather you could expect to find travelling around the planets.

Find out where mankind has left its most lasting impression. On Mercury you can experience the weirdest sunsets in the solar system. If you fancy somewhere nice and warm, travel to Venus. If you you fancy a holiday on the Martian canals, read the small print first. Take a plunge in the oceans of Europa. One of the most beautiful sights in the solar system. Long haul flights available to the frozen depths of our solar system.

The size of the planets in our solar system varies greatly. To see how big the earth is in relation to the rest of the solar system, try comparing the size of the planets.

The nine planets of the solar system all orbit round our star, the sun. Up until relatively recently it was impossible to detect whether planets existed around other stars. If they did exist theses planets would be lost in the glare of the star they orbited and would be invisible to earth bound observations. So astronomers looked for other ways of detecting these planets. They looked for wobbling.
As planets orbit round their star, they cause the star to wobble. Astronomers started to to examine single stars like our own to see if they were wobbling. The results pointed to the fact that a number of these stars did in fact have their own solar systems. As observations improve and this new branch of astronomy develops we should find out more about these newly discovered planets.

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