The Story of the Race to the Moon

With most of Europe shattered by the Second World War, the 1950s saw the rise of two superpowers, Russia and America. Both mistrusted and disliked the other. In another age the two may well have gone to war, but this was the nuclear age and both countries had enough nuclear warheads pointing east and west to devastate not just each other but also the planet. War wasn't an option.
Instead the two countries tried to show the supremacy of their political ideologies in other ways. Military might, scientific advancement and sport were all used as political weapons in the Cold War. Probably the greatest contest between the two powers would take place not on earth but in space. It was a race that would lead to one of mankind's greatest achievements. It was the race to the moon.

The following pages are an account of the space race combined with pictures and audio. If you come across one of these , click on the picture above it for an audio link.

Page 1: The race begins

Page 2: A shock to the system

Page 3: Are you from outer space?

Page 4: The heat is on

Page 5: Walking in space

Page 6: Fire in the cockpit

Page 7: Russian tragedy

Page 8: Trip to the moon

Page 9: The dream ticket

Page 10: The Finishing line

If you think the Apollo landings were a hoax, then take a reality check at the Apollo Hoax page.

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