visit Space Wander Virtual Space Trip

Space Wander Virtual Space Trip
Travel to Mars using this original and entertaining site that is well worth a visit. If you have a broadband connection then it is a must.
Science articles, news, poems, quiz, links and much more...

Planet Science
Planet Science is aimed at promoting science among young people. There's loads of entertaining stuff here and some simple experiments to provide inspiration for teachers.

Astronomy Expert
A great site with lots of information and a clear navigation that gets you to the facts quickly.

Night Sky Info
Does exactly what it says on the tin - provides you with a wealth of information about everything in the night sky. Well worth a visit.

Heavens Above
If you fancy looking out for the International Space Station or MIR, this site tells you when they will be visible from your back garden.

The Sky At Night
The BBC Sky At Night site. Loads of information. Also links to the excellent BBC Planets site.

NASA Home Page
Daily news and updates from NASA plus a bucket load of information and images.

Space Telescope Science Institute
Hundreds of spectacular images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

National Space Science Data Centre
NASA's gallery of the solar system taken by the various probes and spacecraft that have been zipping round the neighbourhood.

Bad Astronomy
Inspired by the stories that the moon landings never took place, this site airs the myths and misconceptions about astronomy and shoots holes in them.

Ken Croswell
This is the home site of Dr Ken Croswell, astronomer and writer. His books include:
"See the stars", a beginner's guide to star hopping.
"Planet Quest", an account of the discovery of planets beyond our solar system.
"The alchemy of the heavens", a guided tour of our own galaxy.

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